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Emotionally gripping, historical and psychological page-turner! A superlative debut classic.

Four crucible stories woven together. A heart wrenching tale of a migrant family, a mother and a ‘different’ child in Delhi in the backdrop of a nation on the brink, of dislocation and transition. The eeriness of similarity in the way the two pandemics a century apart (1919 and 2020), show up for the protagonists, linked as they are across four generations through a dilapidated palace and its massive Shiva Linga. The almost surreal Karmic turn when romance, deception and selfishness lead to life changing consequences. A thrilling saga of a mystical pearl necklace which spins history and myth addictively across different dimensions. Across time as it takes the reader on a two and a half centuries journey. Across human failings and virtues of political intrigue, greed, betrayal, love and magnanimity.


  • “Ghosal impressively weaves history and imagination to blend fiction and reality, thereby providing a voice of the unrecorded, the myths and legends around what happened on the other side of known history…” Professor Gracy Samjetsabam, column author in Sunday Guardian Live and copy editor
  • “……What truly grips the reader is this wonderful complexity of ‘a touch of the old Raj’ and the deep humanity of the pages that captivate.”Dr. Viraj P. Thacker, Author of ‘The Myth of Prosperity: Globalization and the South’, US
  • …. sensitive treatment of the characters battling these tragedies that enriches these tales.”     The Telegraph - Books in the Right Order


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