about the book

Four stories. Five crucible experiences.

As Samir embarks on a sunset cruise on the Hooghly, he meets the enigmatic
Chronicler who takes him on a two and a half centuries journey surrounding the curse
of a fabled pearl necklace, as mentioned by his dying mother. The Chronicler asks, “What could be behind you taking this trip today and me telling you this tale?

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Shakti Ghosal

Shakti is a new author of fiction on the block. He currently resides with his wife Sanchita in the city of Kolkata in India. Together, they are the proud parents of two lovely daughters. Passionate about exploring new places and cultures, Shakti has been a globetrotter. He remains elated by the thought that on this globe, his remains a unique name. Or so Google thinks. You can check this out by typing “Shakti Ghosal”. No, Seriously try it!

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